Today we’d like to introduce you to Dr. Leonard Kane. His practice, Gastroenterology Specialists of Frederick, is located in Maryland.


Dr. Kane is a board-certified gastroenterologist who has been helping patients with digestive diseases for decades. His commitment to providing quality care motivated him to offer weight loss treatments as well, because he saw how great the need was. As a result, of his dedication towards weight loss treatment, today, Dr. Kane offers the weight loss balloon procedure at his practice.

After Dr. Kane and his team place the gastric balloon inside a patient’s stomach, the patients’ work begins. The balloon is a tool that allows patients to benefit more from the hard work they put into eating well and exercising. To give his patients the best chance of success, Dr. Kane uses Virtual Health Partners (VHP) for aftercare.

In his practice, Dr. Kane is committed to providing convenient options for his patients. He has Saturday appointments for those who can’t make it during the work week, and answers patient questions almost every day. For this reason, Dr. Kane appreciates that with VHP, his patients can schedule their nutrition appointments 7 days a week including morning and late evening times.

For his own activity choices, Dr. Kane enjoys tennis, ping pong, and golf. He likes that he’s found hobbies that give him exercise as well as helping him relax. Dr. Kane knows that finding something fun is the key for his patients to be motivated to exercise also. People stick with fitness and exercise when they find activities they like, so the chance to try different exercise options is key. On the VHP platform, Dr. Kane’s patients choose from classes like yoga, barre, and high intensity internal training.

We really like Dr. Kane’s philosophy: “It’s all about the patient, all the time.” We feel the same way, and are proud to work with Dr. Kane and his dedicated team. It’s clear that his patients appreciate his warmth, commitment to educating them about their health and treatment options, and his sense of humor.

Thank you Dr. Kane and the staff at Gastroenterology Specialists of Frederick, for being part of the VHP family. You can learn more about Dr. Kane and his practice here.