Today we’re happy to introduce you to Dr. Stephen Ronan, and his practice: Blackhawk Plastic Surgery in Danville, CA.


Dr. Ronan knew he wanted to be a doctor from the time he was a kid, and excelled through every phase of his medical education and training. He and his team now perform thousands of procedures each year, and he’s been honored with the designation of one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in America.

Although some people associate cosmetic surgery with just “looking better,” Dr. Ronan and his team know that these procedures bring much deeper benefits. “Every single day we see people whose lives are changed by medical and surgical procedures.  There are people that perform better at work.  There are people that have improved self esteem which gives them the confidence to pursue what they want in their personal lives,” Dr. Ronan says.  “We see patients that eliminate an area that made them chronically self-conscious.  We see patients that look forward to taking wedding pictures rather than avoiding them.”

Blackhawk Plastic Surgery is excited to now be offering the Obalon Balloon System. Obalon is a weight loss device made up of 3 small balloons that the patient swallows. The deflated balloon is in a pill capsule about the size of a vitamin. After it’s swallowed, Dr. Ronan inflates the balloon with gas so it takes up room in the patient’s stomach. These 3 balloons help you feel full with smaller portions of food, and stay full for longer.

Dr. Ronan says there is no better reward than having a patient say, “you’ve made my life better.” Giving his patients options for how to lose weight lets Blackhawks Plastic Surgery bring even more value to the community. ” Extra weight is obviously a common problem.  We have been treating patients with extra weight or those that have lost extra weight for many years.  Obalon is a new and easier way to address extra weight.”

In addition to offering their own weight loss services like Obalon, Dr. Ronan’s patients can use Virtual Health Partners (VHP) to benefit from one-on-one nutritional counseling, fitness, and behavioral health expertise. Dr. Ronan says he appreciates the value of using the internet to bring more convenient, holistic follow up services to his patients. “Patients are embarrassed to ask the right questions publicly. The computer or phone interface allows them to ask the questions they really need answered in a more private way. Even though there can be a lot of misinformation on the internet in general, when online services are used well, they allow for patients to address their issues, from home, work, on the road, or anywhere they need.”

When asked what matters most to him, Dr. Ronan says “We are here 100% for our patients and their happiness is our number one priority.” Dr. Ronan’s patient philosophy is a great match for VHP, because we also believe that being there 100% for patients is the best way to ensure they feel supported, educated, and successful on their journeys to better health and quality of life.

Thank you to Dr. Ronan and the team at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery. You can learn more about their services here.