While there can be benefits to exercising at a gym, some people find even more reasons they prefer to exercise at home. At Virtual Health Partners, we know that whatever exercise you find easiest to fit into your day, is a good type. We provide extensive live and recorded fitness classes that our clients can do from home. We recently read an article by MindBodyGreen, about “10 Reasons to Skip the Gym,” which covered some of the benefits of at-home fitness that we love too.

Their reasons include:

    • You can wear whatever you want.
    • You can listen to your music out LOUD.
    • A good workout doesn’t require fancy equipment.
    • You’ll be forced to educate yourself about fitness.
    • Workout whenever it is most convenient for you.
    • Saves money you can spend on good, wholesome food.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a Barre class, but don’t feel confident about showing up to a studio where you imagine everyone being experts. An online Barre class lets you try the moves, without worrying about any judgement. It’s a great way to experiment with new types of fitness, and an even better way to use your 20 free minutes to get 20 minutes of exercise done. Instead of realizing that 20 minutes is usually not enough time to even drive to the gym and back.

If you’re a VHP client, login to your account and check out Events to see the live online fitness classes coming up. You can also access videos of the fitness classes 24/7, so whether you prefer to exercise first thing in the morning or right before bed, you’ll have plenty of choices.