Whether you’re shopping for your favorite fitness fanatic or just want to treat yourself this holiday season, finding healthy gifts can be a challenge. Regardless of your budget, we’re here to give you the low-down on the healthiest gifts of 2017. These seasonal surprises are sure to delight any gym-goer!

Activity Trackers

Activity trackers are one of the hottest gift in the fitness world. These wearable computers can track movement, daily calorie burn, heart rate, body composition, and even sleep patterns! These versatile devices also sync with a variety of apps to help your loved one reach their goals. For example, Fitbit devices sync with our VHPGO app. Activity trackers come in a wide variety of styles and prices. Some of the most popular models include the Fitbit Flex 2, Fitbit Charge 2, and Fitbit Surge.

Wireless Headphones

Nothing’s better than motivating music during a tough workout, but tangled cords can be a nuisance. Eliminate this frustration by treating your favorite exerciser to a pair of wireless headphones. Wireless headphones sync to a variety of devices, including smartphones, gaming consoles, and televisions, for a pleasurable, tangle-free listening experience. Some popular options include the sweat-resistant Bose Soundsport Wireless Headphones, Beats Powerbeats 3 Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Earphones, and Fitbit Flyer Bluetooth Wireless In-Ear Earphones.

Outdoor Gear

Whether your loved one is an avid walker or seasoned marathon runner, outdoor apparel can help them stay safe and warm this winter. Clothing items designed for outdoor activity are moisture-wicking, flexible, and just warm enough to keep exercisers comfortable. Some great suggestions include running gloves, cool-dry socks, and outdoor hats/headbands. Popular items include North Face Runner’s ETip Gloves, Under Armour Convertible Gloves, DryMax Cold Weather Running Crew Socks, Mizuno Breath Thermal Running Socks, Brooks Running Unisex Greenlight Beanies, and Lululemon Run With Me Ear Warmers.

Home Workout Gear

Home workouts are fun, effective, and convenient. A well-stocked home gym can help your favorite home exerciser get the most out of their workouts. Some useful gift ideas include a set of dumbbells (we recommend 3, 5, and 8 lbs. for beginners), resistance bands/tubing, an exercise ball, and a yoga mat. (Our Virtual Fitness Specialists regularly use this equipment during our live fitness classes!)

Foam Rollers

Who doesn’t love a good massage, especially after a tough workout? Foam rolling, also known as self-myofascial release, has been shown to improve range of motion and muscle recovery, and may even ease post-workout soreness. Foam rollers can be smooth (preferable for beginners) or lumpy (great for advanced exercisers and athletes). We recommend foam roller sets, which include instructional booklets. Examples include the Gaiam Restore Total Body 36-inch Foam Roller and GoFit Ultimate Foam Massage Roller and Booklet.

Reusable Water Bottles  

Having water by your side is a must during any workout. Save your love one’s some money and minimize the waste of plastic bottles by gifting a functional water bottle. Some of our favs are the Contigo Jackson Water Bottle, the popular Swell bottles, and the classic Nalgene bottles. If the tap water needs to be filtered, we recommend the Brita sport water bottle. These bottles are a gift that keeps on giving.

Fitness gifts are a great way to help your loved ones get (or stay) active this holiday season. So, ditch the usual gifts of alcohol and food. Give one of these fitness-related presents and your favorite exerciser will have a happier, healthier new year!