How did you do with your diet last time you traveled away from home? Most of my clients don’t generally give themselves very high marks on the first trip after making some big lifestyle changes. After all, when we are in a new environment, without our comfortable routines, it’s pretty easy to let our guards down. But travel is a reality for many people, whether it is business travel, or an upcoming spring break with the family. So what can we do to lessen that post-vacation guilt associated with food?

First & foremost, make sure you put some planning into the eating aspect of your trip, just as you would booking flights or hotels. This will not only ensure that you don’t get stuck eating lunch at a gas-station convenience store, but will also take away some of the stress of figuring out meals while traveling. Pack food for your travel days, since these are usually when the least options and time are available. Most food can be carried through airport security, so you aren’t left with expensive airport choices offering questionable nutrition. Bring your own refillable water bottle and fill it with water once you pass through security. Staying hydrated when flying is crucial and will help curb mindless flight munching. When traveling by car, fill a cooler with healthy options for meals & snacks for the road, along with plenty of water.

As for eating during your trip, doing a little research ahead of time can be very helpful. Using sites like Yelp to review local eateries will help with making sure you have options that will accommodate your meal plan, and not disappoint you with a subpar experience. If you have specific concerns about what you should look for when eating out, a Nutrition Consultant would be happy to provide some guidance.

Lastly, being realistic, you will likely have a few slides from your meal plan during a trip away. Do your best to make them count, so that it doesn’t become a daily occurrence. Try and decide ahead of time if there is a particular event, or local food, that is worth a slight deterrence from your plan. And then, be sure to enjoy it! With a little planning ahead, it is possible to have a stress-free, healthy eating experience, even far from home!