You’ve done it! You’ve put in the work, pushed through some hard days, and have come out lighter and healthier. So what now? This is a concern I hear all of the time as a Nutrition Specialist with Virtual Health Partners. How can I keep my success going? What are some ways I can stay on track? It is totally normal to have these questions, and to feel some reservation about our ability to keep the weight off. We are here to assure you that you can!

First, don’t go it alone. Be sure to lean on your support system, even when you are feeling good about your progress. Research has shown that people who seek out social support for weight-related goals are more successful. Keep up with any consultations that you have available with Nutrition Specialists and Fitness Instructors. Participate in education classes on the portal, and in your community to keep you in a healthy state of mind. Be open with supportive friends and relatives about your goals, and ask for their help.

Second, don’t take your eyes off the prize. It’s ok to let up slightly on the gas, just don’t stop the car completely. There will certainly be times when it’s more difficult to stay on track, and that’s ok. The important part is that you catch yourself quickly, before it becomes overwhelming to turn things around. Doing things like a regular weight check, and using a step tracker, can help you identify when you start to slip. Use of a food journal, also available on the portal, is also a useful tool in getting back on track. Remember, it’s always easier to maintain good habits than it is to create them. So keep up those healthy habits, and enjoy your success!

For a more detailed discussion on this topic, members may click here to watch our educational video.