During pregnancy your body undergoes both physical and hormonal changes. Not only do you gain weight as your baby grows, but you will see many other changes as your body prepares for delivery.

After the baby is born, losing weight is a struggle for many new moms. Of the millions of women in the USA that are pregnant each year, an estimated 25% of them keep more than 10 pounds of their pregnancy weight, and continue to gain weight the year after delivery. Researchers say that this extra weight is dangerous, not only because it increases a woman’s risk of lifetime obesity, but also because of the related health conditions that go along with it.

While studying post-partum weight retention, scientists found that women who are Hispanic and low-income are at the highest risk for retaining pregnancy weight. To combat this problem, they wanted to find out if an internet-based weight loss program could help these women. Internet programs are particularly appealing because they are easy for the new moms who don’t have the means or time to drive to nutritionist appointments. They are also lower cost, which makes them available on a wider scale, including to lower-income families.

The 12-month internet program offered weekly lessons, a diary, teaching videos, text messages, and in-person support groups. The results of the study showed that participants who did not participate in the online program lost an average of 2 pounds, while participants who did participate lost an average of 7 pounds. Researchers were encouraged by these results, and plan to continue further studies.

Virtual Health Partners was built on the premise that internet-based weight loss programs are a great way to support people nationally and internationally in their wellness efforts. With appointments all times of day, multiple languages, 24/7 fitness and nutrition videos, and detailed tracking, we’ve seen the way an online platform can enhance weight loss. You can learn more here.