Whether you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, you can’t hide from it this time of year. Stores, schools, and television become overwhelmed with hearts and goodies. Loved ones everywhere will feel pressure to bring home the obligatory chocolate boxes and candy hearts. Don’t give in! Valentine’s Day can be just as lovely without all the junk food. Here are a few ideas for celebrating with your loved ones, without all the extra calories.

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries: Take two foods packed with nutrition, and combine them in a sweet treat that is sure to please! Containing antioxidants, Iron, vitamin C, and fiber, you can also stay below 75 calories for two!

Berries & cream: Take a small handful of luscious red raspberries, and top with a spoonful of greek yogurt, and you’ve got a sweet treat for under 50 calories.

Heart shaped melon kabobs: Slice up some cantaloupe, watermelon, or honeydew, and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make these sweet treats. For very few calories, you’ll also improve your health with plenty of fiber, minerals, and vitamins including A & C.

Roasted Beet & Carrot Soup: What could be better than a cozy comfort food like soup to share with your loved ones? This creamy treat is also packed with fiber, folate, vitamin C, manganese, and potassium for minimal calories. Add a little dollop of fat-free sour cream in the shape of a heart, and you’ll be sure to get smiles.

Take a hike, go ice skating, or take a couple’s yoga class: You get the idea. The holiday of love doesn’t need food to feel special, just some quality time with loved ones. So why not get a little exercise in, and get those feel-good endorphins flowing together!

And last, but certainly not least, make sure your Valentine’s Day doesn’t turn into a Valentine’s week. It is healthy to indulge once in a while for special occasions, but making it a daily indulgence is not a great idea. So enjoy a little something sweet today, but make sure those tempting treats aren’t still laying around tomorrow!