Feel like it’s impossible to keep your health on track during the busy holiday season? You’re not alone. Maintaining some core parts of your routine can go a long way. Follow these tips to keep your health in check from Turkey Day through the New Year.

1. Get enough Zzzz’s

Getting good quality sleep can feel impossible sometimes. Especially when we have long to-do lists and a lot on our minds. But compromising sleep to get a few more things done can be a bad idea. Fatigue from too few hours in the sack leads to higher levels of stress hormones. These hormones end up preventing further sleep and leading to a vicious cycle that can result in daytime drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, moodiness, and poor decision making. If this sounds like you, break the cycle! Try practicing good stress management and relaxation techniques, focus your energy during the times you are most productive, and be sure to prioritize sleep hours.

2. Don’t skip meals

It can be tempting to forgo breakfast or lunch on a heavy eating day like Thanksgiving. But consider this: a growling tummy is not so easy to ignore when facing a tempting holiday spread. It is a lot easier to make healthy food decisions when you’ve fueled your body with small, nutritious meals and snacks throughout the day. You will be better able to decide which indulgences are worth it, and stick to a reasonable portion size. So plan on small meals or snacks, full of highly nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, and high quality protein leading up to a holiday meal.

3. Plan non-food related fun

For someone following a specific eating program, it’s exhausting to be faced with food at every turn. Take some pressure off yourself by suggesting new, non-food related activities to your friends and family. Sign up for a local Thanksgiving Day 5K run/walk, make holiday cards and crafts, spend some time decorating, or get involved with a local charity.

4. Drink healthy

Forget the holiday meal for a second, what about those holiday drinks? Full of calories and sugar, holiday drinks can quickly sabotage our efforts to stay healthy. Egg nog, hot cocoa, and those tasty PSL’s are one thing, but what about the more “adult” variety of beverages? Too much alcohol can not only contribute hundreds of calories to your day, but also lower your ability to stay on track with a diet plan. So practice moderation when it comes to caloric beverages, and make sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water.

5. Stay active

Physical activity is always important, but especially when we are eating a more liberal diet. Keeping up with a regular exercise routine can go a long way to minimizing the impact of those extra holiday treats. So get out there, and get those steps in!

For more, keep an eye on our live class offerings, and media library. And most importantly, enjoy your holiday season!