These days, it seems like detox diets are everywhere. You may hear them referenced in health segments on the news, on social media, read about them in health magazines, and see them advertised everywhere. It can leave you wondering, should I be doing a detox diet? Perhaps the first question should be what IS a detox diet? Sometimes referred to as a cleanse, these plans promise to detoxify your body from the inside, give you more energy, and make weight loss more attainable. But is it necessary?

The human body is a self-detoxing machine, better than any quick fix detox diet. Our liver and kidneys are the main engines that are responsible for keeping toxins in check. We accumulate these toxins from both normal processes in the body, as well as from our environment and diet. Our bodies then process and excrete them in urine, stool, sweat, and through the lungs. So why would we need a detox diet? Most people probably don’t.

Rather than take your chances on an expensive (and possibly dangerous) detox program, your best bet is to support your body’s own detoxing process. You can do this by avoiding foods that contribute excess junk to the body, including highly processed foods, and conventionally produced produce, meats & dairy products. For tips on picking the healthiest options in the grocery store, please view Lauren’s classes on Navigating the Grocery Store, Protein Department, and Dairy Aisle in our video library. Incorporate naturally detoxifying foods such as cruciferous vegetables, garlic, onions, berries, and green tea into your daily diet. Support a healthy environment in your gut by consuming probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, or sauerkraut, in combination with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and other high fiber foods. And last, but certainly not least, always drink plenty of water to allow your body to effectively flush out toxins. Following these basic practices regularly should be all you need to keep your body’s self-cleansing system working in tip top shape!