The holiday season can get crazy. Shopping, decorating, cooking…there’s so much to do! Many of us neglect our fitness routines this time of year, but it is possible to stay fit during the holidays. Here are some festive ways to stay active this holiday season.

Make Holiday Chores Your Workout
It’s tempting to skip your workout routine when there’s so much to do. Instead of feeling discouraged, think of those holiday chores as a workout. Maybe you’ve avoided certain strenuous chores in the past, such as hauling Christmas decorations or setting up the tree. This year, tackle them with gusto and enjoy a seasonal workout.

Make Shopping Your Cardio
Speaking of holiday chores, shopping is a necessity this time of year. Stores are busy and finding a parking spot can be challenging. Instead of feeling annoyed, seek out the furthest parking spot and burn some extra calories while you complete your to-do list.

Attend Local Events
Take the time to attend seasonal events. Festive occasions, like local tree lightings, require walking and standing, which are great ways to increase your daily activity. Many communities even offer holiday-themed athletic events, such as holiday-themed 5K races.

Give Yourself a Gift
If the holidays are leaving you frazzled, give yourself the gift of quiet time. Log onto one of VHPGO’s live yoga classes and de-stress. Speaking of gifts, don’t forget to buy yourself a little something. New shoes or a fitness gadget can help you stay motivated!

Set a New Year’s Goal
Set a New Year’s goal now. For example, you could register and begin training for a February 5K. Setting a goal can help you stay focused and fitness-minded during the holidays.

Get Active with Family
Are your relatives visiting? Try a family workout. Plan a trip to the gym, do one of VHPGO’s live fitness classes, or simply take a long walk. Chances are you’re not the only one who wants to stay fit this holiday season. Having workout buddies can help you stay active and accountable.

Take a Walk after Dinner
Delicious food is abundant during the holiday season. Avoid collapsing on the couch after that holiday feast – take a walk instead. A brisk walk can help rev your metabolism and clear your mind.

Countdown to the Holidays
Get out your calendar and count down to the Big Day! For example, you could make a “Workout Advent Calendar”. Write a few simple exercises for each day of the week, such as “12 pushups and 10 squats”. After you’ve completed the day’s exercises, cross them off and think “only x more workouts until Christmas.”

Remember, VHPGO’s Virtual Fitness Specialists are here to help you stay fit this holiday season. Join us for a quick 15 or 30-minute workout from the comfort of your own living room. We’ll help you stay merry and motivated when life gets hectic.