Strength training gets a bad rap, but it’s vital to overall health, longevity, and lasting weight loss. That’s why we’re here to set the record straight. Let’s look at some common strength training myths:

Myth #1: Cardiovascular Exercise is the Best Way to Lose Weight

While cardiovascular exercise (such as biking, swimming, and walking) is excellent for improving heart health and burning calories, strength training can help you lose weight and keep it off. Research shows that regular strength training can increase resting metabolism, helping you burn more calories throughout the day, even while sitting on the couch!

Myth #2: Cardiovascular Exercise is Better for My Overall Health

Strength training offers a host of health benefits. It can help you reduce the risk of osteoporosis and prevent and/or manage symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain, depression, and even cancer. Strength training is also crucial to healthy aging. It can help prevent injuries and falls, increase your ability to perform daily activities, and may even sharpen memory and focus!

Myth #3: Strength Training is Only for Advanced Exercisers/Bodybuilders

The mention of strength training may conjure up visions of bodybuilders hoisting enormous barbells, but strength training is for all sizes, ages, and genders. Strength training equipment can include resistance bands and tubing, weight machines, light dumbbells, and even your own body weight. Regardless of your fitness level, strength training can be incorporated into your exercise routine.

Myth #4: Strength Training Will Make Me Bulky

This is one of the biggest misconceptions. Many women mistakenly believe that strength training will make them bulky and inflexible. While women can develop large muscles, it does not come naturally. Female bodybuilders must lift extremely heavy weights and eat a specially-tailored diet to increase muscle mass. A typical strength training routine will simply create a leaner, shapelier, and healthier figure.

How Do I Get Started?

It is recommended that beginners perform 15-20 minutes of strength training, 3 times per week. To find a routine that’s right for you, send a message to a fitness specialist, check out our live strength training classes and review our fitness plans. Get moving to discover all the benefits of strength training.