Virtual Health Partners (VHP) Publishes New Clinical White Paper

Patients in Study on Virtual Aftercare Platform Demonstrate Significant Increased Weight Loss & Patient Compliance

NEW YORK, Nov. 16, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Health Partners, Inc. (VHP), a New York-based innovator in virtual healthcare, has published a new white paper “A Pilot Study of Patient Compliance.” The scientific research provided in the VHP white paper compares the results of how VHP’s proprietary on-demand, HIPAA compliant aftercare platform called myvirtualhp, positively impacts the outcomes of patients in the study versus the problems patients face with traditional aftercare services.

VHP’s myvirtualhp platform is a comprehensive model that works with a patient’s physician or provider and focuses on ancillary care treatments such as nutrition, fitness, and behavioral modification. The HIPAA compliant platform is available on a B2B basis to providers including hospital systems, gastroenterologists, bariatric surgeons, obesity medicine specialists, plastic surgeons, fertility specialists, medical device and nutrition product companies. Providers then grant their patients access to VHP’s platform myvirtualhp.

According to the white paper “A Pilot Study of Patient Compliance” published by VHP, the following results have been shown with patients using the myvirtualhp platform:

2.1 times greater success with weight loss on VHP’s myvirtualhp platform, equaling a 48% increase in weight loss;
31% increase in patient compliance once VHP was introduced in the same patient population as soon as access for the studied patients was enabled to the myvirtualhp platform;
Significant correlation with the increase of nutrition appointments with increase in weight loss in the patient population on the myvirtualhp platform; and
Significant correlations exist with logins and activity on the myvirtualhp platform directly correlated with weight loss.
In commenting on his patients’ use of myvirtualhp, Dr. Jonathan Cohen, Gastroenterologist, Clinical Professor of Medicine at NYU and Partner at Concorde Medical Group, “In developing a weight loss and management program for my patients, VHP is proving to be an essential partner in helping patients achieve success not only in losing weight but in keeping the weight off. With the prevalence of on-demand services and the need for convenience, I knew my patients would appreciate the VHP platform which grants them 24/7 access to the finest weight loss experts.”

Myvirtualhp is accessible anywhere in the world, 24/7 to help guide, coach, and support a patient through customized patient care programs. In addition, myvirtualhp is also accessible on mobile devices and operating systems via a web-based app that is downloadable from Google Play, iTunes or Amazon. Through myvirtualhp, users receive a secure and unique login from their provider where they can schedule appointments with nutrition and fitness experts. They also have access to a wide variety of nutrition, fitness and behavioral modification videos available in VHP’s extensive library. The virtual experience also allows for one-on-one video or telephone consultations or message/chat with VHP’s highly trained health care support team. All VHP consultants are highly trained nutrition specialists, clinical psychologists and fitness trainers, experienced with working in the weight loss and nutrition industries to deal with specific patient needs.

Jillian Bridgette Cohen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of VHP stated, “we believe our virtual 24/7 on-demand interfacing patient platform is what patients would prefer over traditional office visits and will result in higher aftercare compliance and continued weight loss success.”

Dr. Shawn Garber, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Office further said “we believe this research validates our hypothesis for why we started VHP. Today, patients are not able to take time off of work to follow-up with their aftercare team. Our society has become accustomed to on-demand products hence having an application that can work around patients’ own schedules & available 24/7 empowers the patient and creates the potential for more positive outcomes.”

About Virtual Health Partners™ (

Virtual Health Partners, Inc. is an innovator in virtual healthcare. Our proprietary, on-demand platform focuses on ancillary care treatment, such as nutrition, fitness and behavior modification, which are essential components to successful long-term patient outcomes. VHP believes that it is the only on-demand nutrition and weight loss procedure aftercare platform that has passed a security audit insuring HIPAA compliance.

Jillian Bridgette Cohen, Chief Executive Officer