Have a big vacation coming up? For many of us, the excitement of getting away also means leaving our healthy diet and lifestyle habits at home. As tempting as it may seem to take a break from these healthy habits, making sudden big changes can leave us feeling not-so stellar. In addition to causing us to pack on a few pounds, enjoying indulgent foods all vacation long can also zap our energy, leave us moody, and cause uncomfortable tummy issues. But, it is vacation after all.

So, how can you enjoy a nice break without paying the price? We’ve put together a few tips to help eliminate any chaos that might come with having too much of a ‘vacation state of mind.’ Make sure both your body and mind come back healthy.

Plan your “Must Haves”. You know, that famous bakery in the city you are visiting, or the shaved ice truck that frequents your favorite beach. Food is so deeply ingrained in our culture that it’s almost inevitable that you’ll have some favorite indulgences on vacation. Make space for these special foods, but be mindful to keep the rest of your day on point with healthy choices.

Scope Out the Scene. This is especially important if you are traveling somewhere that you are unfamiliar with. Look into the local food options ahead of time, compiling a list of places that both interest you, and offer options that fit your needs. When available, check out menus online, and read up on reviews. This way, you’ll spend your days sightseeing instead of stressing about where to eat.

Drink wisely. Since we’re on the topic of vacation, you may assume I’m referring to alcohol. And while consuming alcohol can add hundreds of extra calories to a meal, I’m actually talking about drinking water. A lot of activity, a busy schedule, and warm temperatures are a recipe for dehydration. But feeling tired and cranky (both symptoms of dehydration) aren’t much fun. Bring a refillable bottle, or keep a case of water in your room to make it easy to have water handy. Aim to consume 64-80 fluid ounces at minimum (more if you are active or perspiring a lot).

Keep It Moving. Keeping up with some physical activity on vacation can limit the impact of those more indulgent “must haves”. Take a walking tour of the city you’re visiting, visit the hotel fitness room or pool, or take your smartphone to the beach and do a VHP Yoga class with your loved ones. To prevent the day from getting away from you, try and fit in your activity early on.

Following these simple practices can help keep you on track during vacation, without sacrificing enjoyment. Now, get out there and have fun!