Obalon Weight Loss Centers offer the Obalon balloon for those who are looking for an integrated approach to losing weight. We offer personalized lifestyle modification programs, nutrition recommendations, emotional support, and practical tools and knowledge to guide you on your weight loss and wellness journey.

Included with your weight loss journey with Obalon Center for Weight Loss is free access to the Obalon Center for Weight Loss mobile app. There you can access:

  • Unlimited live, expert support through specialists and virtual recommended classes
  • Messaging to experts
  • Live and pre-recorded classes
  • Personalized Library Access to relevant research and resources based on your goals, lifestyle choices, needs and preferences
  • Personalized recipes and meal plans.
  • Education about common vitamins and minerals
  • Wellness Tracking which allows you to track your progress with appropriate tools to facilitate your weight loss journey

Clients are invited to use the Obalon Center for Weight Loss app through their Obalon provider. If work with an Obalon Center for Weight Loss, your doctor will send you an invitation.
If you were told you would get an invitation to Obalon Center for Weight Loss, but haven’t received one yet, please email appsupport@obaloncenterforweightloss.com