myGP and VHPGO – a complete health and wellness partnership – bringing exclusive access to myGP users.


myGP and VHPGO – a complete health and wellness partnership – bringing exclusive access to myGP users.


myGP knows that good health is about more than just doctors and prescriptions. It’s about getting healthy and keeping healthy. So myGP and VHPGO have partnered to bring you exclusive access to this leading wellness platform.

Whether struggling with your weight while working from home, or generally suffering from a lack of ‘get up and go’, VHPGO is here for you. We have nutrition, fitness & lifestyle support right at your fingertips with proven health experts available through the web or mobile app.

Wellness specialists provide you personalised nutrition programming, customised meal plans and recipes, plus live fitness classes, lifestyle support tips, and so much more. All available 24/7 for less per month than a flat white and croissant.

Hundreds of thousands of users have already achieved real results through VHPGO’s platform, and exclusive options are now being brought to you through myGP.

A healthier you is around the corner, can you see it?
We can! – Start changing your life today!


Get results with advice from actual trusted health experts and a platform with proven clinical results. VHPGO is your guidebook to a new you.

Choose the pathway that’s right for you: packages starting at £5/month.

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How do I get started?

We’re offering these two exclusive packages to myGP users.  Getting started is very easy.  Simply select the package on this website that works for you. Fill out the form. You will then get emailed an invitation from to pay and register for the secure Platform.  Once you register you can use all of the features available in your package as much as you would like at any time of day or night.

Can I get this outside of myGP

VHPGO is currently only available through myGP and medical partners in the United Kingdom.  It is staffed with experts and all of the content in the platform has been created and validated by experts.

How many videos and recipes are available?

VHPGO offers over a thousand nutrition, lifestyle and fitness videos and classes, along with tips, meal plans and hundreds of curated healthy, easy to make recipes. Keep in mind that all of the content that you see gets customised based on your general needs and personalised to your goals.

How long does the 1-1 appointment last?

The initial nutrition appointment lasts for 30 minutes that is part of the VIP package. Follow-up appointments are generally 15 minutes, but you can choose a different length if you wish.  You can also purchase an appointment at any time in the e-store and can choose which nutrition specialists you want to work with, at a time that suits you best.

Can I cancel after 1 month?

Absolutely. Try the app for a month and if you don’t get on with it you can cancel before your next subscription charge.

Can you see my personal data?

The Platform stores your personal data in a way that is secure, encrypted, and hosted in the US. Any of the VHP experts who are helping you can see your data. For instance, if you participate in a 1:1 nutrition appointment, your nutrition expert can access your food diary entries. All data is completely secure and is not used for any marketing purposes. myGP cannot access any of your personalized data.