Let’s face it: finding the time, energy, and motivation to exercise can be a real challenge. Life often gets so busy that exercise becomes our last priority when in fact it should be one of our first because exercise is one of the best ways to handle life’s stressors! Being physically active can help you feel and look better, while giving you more energy to tackle life’s challenges. So, let’s take a look at some of the most common excuses to avoid exercise and how to overcome them.

“I Don’t Have Time.”

This is, by far, the most common reason to avoid exercise. While it’s true that life is full of distractions and responsibilities, it’s also true that you make time for the things you value most. Make exercise a priority by scheduling it in your smartphone or calendar. If needed, let your spouse and children know what time you’ll be working out and make proper arrangements for childcare. Many people also find it helpful to exercise first thing in the morning, before the stressors of the day interfere with their plans, or on the weekends when they have more free time. If you’re still feeling unmotivated, plan a workout date with a friend. You’re less likely to back out when someone is counting on you!

“I’m too Tired.”

Fatigue can definitely interfere with your workout program. It’s hard to get going when all you want to do is grab a pillow! The key to battling pre-workout fatigue is to remember that exercise is one of the best ways to boost energy and productivity. Research shows that just 20 minutes of low-to-moderate intensity exercise, three times per week, can increase your energy level. Exercise is also a great way to battle insomnia, helping you feel more rested on a daily basis. Lastly, it’s important to remember why you want to exercise. When you keep your goals in mind it’s easier to get moving!

“I Don’t Want to Drive to the Gym.”

If driving to the gym, finding a parking spot, and locating an empty locker is enough to send you to the couch, try working out at home! Home workouts can be just as effective as gym workouts, plus they’re more convenient and economical. Set up a workout area in your house and stock it with a few sets of dumbbells (we recommend 3, 5, and 8 lbs. for beginners), a non-slip exercise mat, and a resistance band. All you have to do is log-on to the VHPGo platform and get to work! You can also go outdoors and hit the pavement. Research shows that exercising outdoors can boost your endurance and mood while providing a more effective workout!

“It Hurts to Exercise.”

Exercise can be challenging, but it should never hurt. If you’re feeling pain during a workout, stop and talk to your doctor. If joint discomfort is an issue, speak to your doctor about mobility aids, such as orthotic inserts or compression sleeves, to help ease soreness. Your doctor may also recommend pain-relieving techniques, such as heat, ice, or even a round of physical therapy. Once you have your doctor’s “ok” to exercise, remember that consistent exercise can reduce joint pain and stiffness.

“I Never See Results.”

We all like to see outward results, like a number on the scale or a smaller pants size, but it’s important to notice inward results as well! Are you less tired and winded? Are you able to tackle your daily chores with more ease? Are you feeling happier and more confident? Results take time and consistency, but it’s easier to wait for those outward results when you notice all the positive results of your hard work. Most importantly, remember that VHP is here to help. Schedule a one-on-one appointment with one of our Virtual Fitness Specialists, take a live fitness class, or search our media library for a class tailored to your fitness level and interests.

We’re here to help you see results, inside and out!