Why Work with Virtual Health Partners

 VHP offers expertise both from industry and medical leaders to help a practice create a sustainable, profitable and state-of-the-art successful nutrition and fitness program, specializing in superior patient care and outcomes. This successful is transferable across multiple procedures and specialties.

With our customized program we offer a one-stop-shop for medical practices desiring a full team approach to aftercare and support services, without the time and cost of developing a program themselves. Our comprehensive offering is only available for purchase through a participating medical practice.

MMWL is critical

A strong medical managed weight loss (MMWL) program is necessary in many growing medical fields, such as endobariatrics, fertility, rehabilitation, gastroenterology and bariatric surgery.

We make MMWL easier

VHP offers a revolutionary on-demand, virtually interfacing patient platform that is preferred by patients over traditional office visits.

Highly customizable

VHP understands local markets have localized needs. Our portal focuses on virtual live nutrition support & fitness programs, tailored to meet the needs of your patients, wherever they are.

Our program fits your needs

The marketing program and business models can all be customized to fit the needs of the local market, also allowing a practice to expand their reach, with the ability to do virtual aftercare from anywhere in the world.

Aftercare is expensive

VHP provides the solution to a complete, virtual, live aftercare program to meet your program’s needs. VHP makes aftercare affordable for the patient and cost efficient for your practice.

Cash pay obtainment & knowledge

VHP’s program will provide highly specialized tools for patient outreach, increasing patient conversion into procedures as well as retaining patients long-term.

Company leadership

The Founders of Virtual Health Partners are two of the most successful leaders in their fields. Their skill-sets and commitment give VHP clients an substantial competitive edge.

Our experience in your practice

A physician who leads a multi-million dollar weight loss practice in NY, and tenured medical device and healthcare startup entrepreneur created VHP to use their knowledge to grow other practices.

HIPAA compliance

VHP's platform has passed an audit by SecurityMetrics, establishing VHP's portal as the only one specializing in weight loss to go through HIPAA compliance assessment and audit.

Rigorous HIPAA audit passed

At VHP we take HIPAA compliance seriously. It matters to us, doctors, institutions, and patients, so we are proud of the thorough assessment we’ve been through to show our commitment to security.

White labeling option

Institutions have requested the ability to white label the VHP platform for their use, and we are happy to now offer this option. Please contact us to learn more about this option.

Customizable for your needs

With our white label option, you can offer all the features of the VHP platform to your patient base, while using your own branding. This option is often requested by companies and large hospital systems.