Hi, and welcome to Resolution #7.

This week’s resolution is brought to us by Amber Coartney.


Amber is fitness expert based out of Brooklyn, NY. She teaches classes for our VHP patients all over the country.

Her resolution for us is

“I will stop being so hard on myself.”

Amber, is this an issue you see in your fitness classes?

“It is. I see this all the time when I teach classes. Someone will get frustrated with themselves for not keeping up at the full pace, not being able to hold a certain pose, or not being able to lift as much as they could last week. You’re still working out, so make sure to focus on the positives instead of what didn’t go right. If we obsess over anything it can become a daunting or unhealthy obsession. Same goes with making healthy changes to your lifestyle. Sometimes we cheat and fall off the wagon.”

It’s easy to only be able to see that we’ve missed the target of being ‘perfect’.

Goals to achieve

But ‘being perfect’ isn’t the right target to shoot for in the first place. It’s the best way to end up disappointed and frustrated.

Amber says, “The really important thing to take away from those days that are harder than others, is that deciding to keep your healthy lifestyle going is a win! You win if you decide to accept that you’re human, and you and you alone control how your life can be. Just because you’re not perfect – and none of us are – doesn’t mean you’re not capable of significant success.”

It sounds like it should be easy. Why do you think people struggle with this?

“It is so easy to obsess over a day when you didn’t eat as healthy as you wanted to, or you didn’t get to the gym in time to finish your whole workout. I understand because I struggle with this as much as anyone who wants to maintain their level of fitness and health. I try hard to remember that I am human and am allowed a few slips here and there. That is the healthier way of thinking and living in the long run.”

One important note, Amber says, is remembering that not being so hard on yourself is not the same as a free pass.

“Obsessing over something and making excuses are two different things. Make sure you are honest with yourself, and keep on the path of success! If you’re doing the right thing 90% of the time, the other 10% is not going to ruin your long term achievements.”

If you are a VHP patient and want more guidance about maintaining a positive attitude through your weight loss, check out the video library where you can find classes on behavioral health. Thank you Amber!

Please join us next week for Resolution 8.