Staying Healthy on the Road

  How did you do with your diet last time you traveled away from home? Most of my clients don’t generally give themselves very high marks on the first trip after making some big lifestyle changes. After all, when we are in a new environment, without our comfortable routines, it’s pretty easy to let our [...]

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How to Have a Healthier Valentine’s Day

Whether you enjoy celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, you can’t hide from it this time of year. Stores, schools, and television become overwhelmed with hearts and goodies. Loved ones everywhere will feel pressure to bring home the obligatory chocolate boxes and candy hearts. Don’t give in! Valentine’s Day can be just as lovely without all [...]

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Danger of Fad Diets

Fad diets. This time of year they are not difficult to find, as people looking to make a buck appeal to motivated consumers. We are inundated by influences and information about losing weight, from social media and television, to advice we hear from good-meaning friends and family. The confusing thing is, most fad diets will [...]

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Making Your Resolutions Stick this Year

Even before we clear the plates from that last holiday party, many of us will start concocting guilt-driven promises for how we will do better come January 1st. If you think back to resolutions past, how many of them were truly effective at helping you reach your goals? If your answer is, “not many”, then [...]

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Could Snacking be Holding You Back?

What comes to mind when you hear the word, “snack”? If I were to ask 10 people, I would likely get 10 different answers. To be sure that you are making choices that will support your health goals, versus stall them, keep these 5 tips in mind for smart snacking: 1. Recognize why you’re snacking. [...]

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5 Healthy Holiday Tips

The average person gains around a pound between Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day. But with some planning and foresight, this extra weight isn’t a foregone conclusion. Here are five quick tips to help you prepare: Stick to your normal schedule (most of the time). One of the things that quickly sends us off track is [...]

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Drinking Your Way to Weight Loss

Anyone with a weight loss goal has surely been encouraged to drink more water. But do you know why? It can be easy to overlook this important piece of advice, when hearing it over and over again. But boosting your fluid intake can help with not only weight loss, but improving overall health as well. [...]

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Staying Healthy When Your Schedule is Stretched

Welcome to the Holiday Season! It’s a time filled with parties, shopping, and running around like a maniac to get it all done. When schedules get stretched thin, often taking care of ourselves is the first thing to go. But with the average person packing on an additional 1-5 pounds between Halloween & New Year's, [...]

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Breaking Through a Weight Loss Plateau

Nearly everyone trying to lose weight has experienced the frustration of reaching a weight plateau. Despite your strong effort to eat well, exercise often, and improve your behaviors, you may notice that the scale still won’t budge. It is quite common to go through periods where you don’t see the same losses from week to [...]

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Benefits of Exercise of Weight Loss Patients

In the United States, an estimated 50 percent of adults are overweight. It is no secret that excess weight increases our risk of health problems including coronary heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer. The good news is, there are many benefits to adopting a regular exercise program including improved cardiovascular health, maintaining long-term [...]

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